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Support Services

TAFE Digital Support Services

Although our courses are designed to give you the flexibility to study whenever and wherever you like, we are keen to support you in your learning journey. We have a variety of integrated ways to assist you if you encounter a problem during your studies.

Customer help and technical support

The TAFE Digital Customer Help team are available across extended hours to help you enrol and assist with any technical difficulties. Staff work Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturdays from 9am to 4pm. You can communicate with them via chat (from the website), by email or by phoning 1300 823 366. While Customer Help staff do not assist with teaching or complex technical matters, they can help you access your teacher or an IT technician for assistance.

Teacher/coordinator support

Our TAFE Digital teachers and course coordinators are all fully qualified professionals and subject matter experts who will provide a seamless education experience, including helping you with questions on how to approach assignments or maximise your use of teaching resources. Each unit in your course has a link to contact your teacher. While a reasonable degree of independence is assumed for TAFE Digital students, if you have trouble with your studies call, email or SMS your teacher and they will be in touch to help.

Our telepresence bots, chat bots and other digital collaboration tools also allow you to access support services and teachers from across NSW. This includes students in remote locations and those with disabilities.

Our live classroom experience also lets you maximise your real-time interaction with teachers and allows extra support. Continuous monitoring and feedback to you throughout your studies also helps you to progress through the course and allow us to provide personalised service to cater to your individual interests and capabilities.

We also offer the latest technologies in multi-media, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) simulation exercises, so you can practice your hands-on skills digitally.

General study assistance with Smarthinking

Out of hours, TAFE Digital also provides timely access to online tutors through Smarthinking. Just use your usual TAFE NSW username and password and you can get free help with essential bridging knowledge for your subject area - every evening, except Saturday. Australian and New Zealand tutors can explain things in real time, enhancing your learning experience. Find out more here by watching this useful animation.


Sometimes personal problems can interfere with your ability to study or progress in your studies. As a TAFE Digital student, you can access counselling and careers help by phoning 1300 823 366 for an appointment. Counsellors do an assessment of your needs and determine what services (if any) we could provide, or, they may refer to you to an external agency, particularly if you are not in NSW. TAFE Digital also subscribes to an online self-help service called The Desk, which will empower you to tackle a variety of personal, study and career issues on your own computer. To make use of this service, register for a free account with The Desk using your DET email address and password.

Careers help

TAFE NSW Counsellors can assist you to complete an online Career Assessment. This will help you to explore career interests and directions and possible pathways to employment.

Library Services

When logged into TAFE Digital, you have access to all of TAFE NSW’s library resources, including catalogues, interactive books, e-books,academic articles, videos, journals and other online resources. Librarians are on a roster between 9am and 5pm to answer your questions and help you find the information you need. Our advanced Ask Us system means you will be stuck for reference information.

TAFE Digital's full library services are just a click away, whether you are studying near a campus or far away.

  • There is a library subject guide for each course
  • You can access eResources like eBooks and Online Videos
  • Search our catalogue
  • You can receive help from a librarian in AskUs – and you can ask for an online tour of what library resources are available to support your course
  • You have full borrowing privileges at any TAFE library in NSW or, if you are not near one, you can access a Postal Loan Service by submitting your request to "Ask a Librarian"
  • You can apply for a TAFEcard

Disability support

We want to ensure a successful outcome for all our students. If you have a disability – whether it is physical, mental or intellectual – it is a good idea to declare this at the time of enrolment as this will allow us to assess your needs TAFE Digital has access to specialist Disability Consultants who understand your needs and may be able to provide extra assistance or tutorials. Assessment tasks may also be adjusted (called reasonable adjustment) to take into account your disability.

If you are not a Centrelink client, you may still be eligible for a fee exemption and extra help if you are assessed by our Disability Consultants as having a disability. Speak to our Customer Help Officers on 1300 823 366 and they will refer you to the relevant staff member to organise a confidential chat about your requirements.

Work Placement Support

Many of our courses have mandatory work placement requirements. This means, that in some instances you must be physically and mentally ready for the tasks required in the workplace. For example, in a veterinary practice, you must be capable of standing for long periods and dealing with sick or injured animals. In other courses you may need Working with Children or Police checks, as specified.

During work placement you will be supported in your learning by supervisors in your workplace as well as by your teacher/facilitator. Information in your course area will explain more about your requirements for work placement.

TAFE Digital also has a strong partnership with the CSIRO’s student and early graduate job service, Ribit, which means we can also help you find work placements and work experience relevant to your chosen career.

The Smart Study Guide

TAFE Digital’s Smart Study Guide, found here, is a comprehensive referencing and writing guide, which you should consult before attempting assignments. It will show you the approved way of referencing information from a variety of sources and provide other valuable clues to make your study a success.

Not sure where to begin?

Free 24/7 access to for all enrolled students is an online library featuring course and instructional videos. The videos are taught by recognised industry experts and cover the latest in technology, creative, and business skills. Access under the My Learning area in the Student Portal. Visit the Lynda LibGuide for more information. If you need any help, please talk to your teacher, local librarian or the customer service team.