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Fees and Financial Assistance

It’s natural to think about the cost of your course!

The fee you pay depends on whether you are eligible for a government subsidised place, or can claim any concessions or exemptions. You may be able to access other types of financial assistance such as scholarships or trade support loans. 

When it comes to actually paying for your course there are plenty of flexible payment options available.  For example, depending on the course you choose, you may be able to defer your payment through VET Student Loan or set up split payments or a formalised personal payment plan.

About your fees

When you enrol, you pay a tuition fee for your course.  TAFE Digital offers a wide choice of courses, some that attract government subsidies and some that do not.  The fees payable will vary, depending on your personal circumstances, your study history and the course you choose. 

If you choose a government subsidised course, and are eligible for a subsidised place in that course, you will pay a reduced fee. 

Also, depending on your personal situation, you may be entitled to a concession or an exemption that will reduce your fee even further.

If you choose to study a non-subsidised course (or are not eligible to access a government subsidised place) you will need to pay the full fee.  No concessions or exemptions are available for non-subsidised courses.

We offer a range of convenient, affordable ways to pay your fees including formalised payment plan, flexible part payments or a VET Student Loan.

If you can’t pay your full course fees when you enrol, there are different types of assistance available.

Apart from your tuition fee, there may also be some additional costs for items such as textbooks, personal protective equipment, and/or industry equipment that will enhance your learning experience. 

Fees and charges can be a little confusing. If you need assistance understanding it, or have any questions, please contact us.

Fees for non-subsidised or ‘fee for service’ courses

At TAFE Digital, our goal is to help you gain the benefits of learning so you achieve your goals, regardless of what course you choose to study with us. 

That’s why we offer a wide variety of courses, including fee for service courses, which do not attract government subsidies.

If you choose to study a non-subsidised course (or are not eligible to access a government subsidised place) you pay the full course fee. There are no fee exemptions or concessions available.

We do, however, offer a range of convenient payment options to help you meet the cost of your tuition.   

Other options for financial assistance include deferring your payment through a VET Student Loan (for selected courses), arranging for a personal loan or seeking financial support from your employer or job network agency.

Non-subsidised courses include: short courses, some Statements of Attainment, Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas, TAFE Delivered HSC Vocational Education and Training (TVET), those undertaken by students not living or working in New South Wales, international students and temporary visa holders. 

More information about fees for a specific course is available on the individual course page (search your course here) or contact us.

Apart from your tuition fee, there may also be some additional costs for items such as textbooks, personal protective equipment, and/or industry equipment that will be of benefit during your learning experience.

Fees for government subsidised course places
From January 2015, some courses (those on the NSW Skills List or approved outside this arrangement) will be subsidised by the NSW Government under an initiative known as Smart and Skilled
Fees for subsidised places in these courses are set by the NSW Government. No matter where you study, fees for subsidised places will be the same for the same course. However, what you pay will depend on your individual circumstances. 
For more information about subsidised courses visit the Smart and Skilled website or the Other government subsidised qualifications and courses page or contact us.
To be eligible for government subsidised training you must meet certain criteria. Once you have done this, part of the course price is paid by the government. This reduces the fee you pay to complete your course. 
To be eligible for a government subsidised place you must be: 
  • an Australian citizen, permanent resident or humanitarian visa holder, or New Zealand citizen; and 
  • aged 15 years or older; and 
  • no longer at school; and 
  • living or working in NSW. 
The fee you pay will also depend on what you have studied in the past:
  • If you have never studied before, more of your course price is paid by the government, so the fee that you pay will be lower.
  • If you have previously completed a course after high school, you may still be able to access a government subsidised place, but the fee you pay will be slightly higher, as the Government will pay less towards your course price.
In some cases, courses you have completed previously may mean you are not able to access a government subsidised place.  
VET Student Loan

We are approved to offer VET Student Loans to eligible students.

If you are planning to study a Diploma, Advanced Diploma, a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma (or selected Certificate IV Courses) you may be eligible to use VET Student Loan to defer paying your fees until later in life when you are earning enough money to pay the loan back.

As a full-fee paying student at TAFE NSW you can choose to pay your fees in three ways:

  • Apply for VET Student Loan to put off paying your fees until after you’ve finished your study.
  • Pay some or all of your tuition fees at the start of your course 

If you want to use your TAFE course towards a Bachelor Degree or further study at University there are some VET Student Loan courses which offer a credit transfer that will reduce the number of units you study in your degree course, which may save you time and money. Find out more about VET Student Loans

Smart and Skilled

If you are considering taking advantage of the NSW Government’s new fee arrangements for government-subsidised vocational education and training (VET), TAFE NSW is a great choice as your training provider because we offer a wide range of subsidised courses, expertly delivered by teachers with industry knowledge and experience.

One of the changes under this new system, known as Smart and Skilled, is that every training provider, including TAFE NSW, must charge the same fixed price for NSW government-subsidised qualifications.

Courses that receive government funded support under Smart and Skilled are shown on the NSW Skills List with some other specific courses approved for support outside this arrangement.

Also, if you are eligible you can benefit from a Smart and Skilled ‘Fee-Free Scholarship’ that means you pay no course fee and study for free.

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