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About Assessment

Each unit within your course has a Unit Assessment Guide which will give you the specific details of the assessment events you must complete to be deemed successful. The following information is general and applies to all units delivered by TAFE Digital.
  • Every assessment event must be successfully completed in order to demonstrate competence in each unit.
  • Due dates for each assessment are flexible and should be discussed with your facilitator.
  • You should submit each of your assessments online in the upload area provided for each event, within each of your units. Assessments conducted within the workplace may follow a different procedure. This will be advised in your Unit Assessment Guide.
  • If you do not successfully complete an assessment event you may be given the opportunity to undertake another assessment at another time. This must be negotiated with your facilitator.
  • Your results and feedback are available for each assessment event in your online learning space for each unit you are enrolled.  Additionally your Student Record may be accessed via Student eServices. Assessment feedback will generally be available within five business days of submission, except during the Christmas/New Year break when TAFE NSW is closed for two weeks from the weekend before Christmas Day to the weekend after New Year’s Day. If you have a good reason to have an assignment marked sooner, please contact your teacher and discuss.
  • All TAFE students are eligible to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). For more information Click here.
  • If you have a permanent or temporary condition that may prevent you successfully completing the assessment event(s) you should immediately talk with your facilitator about ‘reasonable adjustment’. This is the adjustment of the way you are assessed to take into account your condition and may include providing a support person or extra time. The assessment criteria cannot be altered.
  • If you do not agree with the mark/grade given for your assessment event, you may appeal the assessment decision. You should first discuss the assessment result with your facilitator. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of that discussion you can access the appeal process through Customer Help.
  • For more information on assessment, refer to ‘Every Student's Guide to Assessment in TAFE NSW’

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