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SIT50416 - Diploma of Hospitality Management

Diploma of Hospitality Management

Smart and Skilled

This course is on the NSW skills list. Students in NSW may be eligible for a Government subsidised price.

VET Student Loans

We are approved to offer VET Student Loans to eligible students. The loan amount for this course is capped at $5000.

Work Placement

This course has work placement. Check the requirements and FAQs for more information.

Course description

If you aspire to run your own business or lead a talented team in the hospitality industry this is the qualification for you. You will gain a sound knowledge of industry operations and a broad range of managerial skills to co-ordinate operations efficiently.

Learn how to develop and extend your people and business management skills, using business technology and administrative skills appropriate to your workplace.

This qualification provides a pathway to work in any sector of the hospitality industry as a departmental or small business manager.

Units of study

Core Units

Unit Code Unit Name
SITXCCS007 Enhance the customer service experience
SITXFIN003 Manage finances within a budget
SITXHRM003 Lead and manage people experience
SITXMGT001 Monitor work operations
SITXMGT002 Establish and conduct business relationships
SITXCCS008 Develop and manage quality customer service practices
SITXCOM005 Manage conflict
SITXFIN004 Prepare and monitor budgets
SITXGLC001 Research and comply with regulatory requirements
BSBDIV501 Manage diversity on the workplace
BSBMGT517 Manage operational plan
SITXHRM002 Roster staff
SITXWHS003 Implement and monitor work health and safety practice

Elective Units

Choose a total of fifteen electives from this group.

Unit Code Unit Name
SITEEVT010 Manage on-site event operations
SITXEBS002 Develop, implement and monitor the use of social media in a business
SITXMPR006 Obtain & manage sponsorship
SITHFAB002 Provide responsible service of alcohol
CUECOR01C Manage own work and learning
SITEEVT008 Manage event staging components
SITEEVT005 Plan in-house events or functions
SITEEVT001 Source and use information on the events industry
SITXMPR001 Coordinate the production of brochures & marketing materials
SITXWHS002 Identify hazards, assess and control safety risks
SITTTSL006 Prepare quotations
SITXFSA002 Participate in food handling practices
SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety
SITHIND004 Work effectively in hospitality service
SITHACS002 Provide housekeeping services to guests
BSBITU302 Create electronic presentations
BSBADM502 Manage meetings
SITXFIN001 Process financial transactions
SITHFAB014 Provide table service of food and beverage
SITHACS008 Provide accommodation reception services
SITXHRM004 Recruit select and induct staff
SITXHRM004 Source and use information on the hospitality industry
SITHFAB004 Prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages
SITTTSL007 Process reservations
BSBITU306 Design and produce business documents
  • You are required to either be in paid employment or do volunteer work in a workplace in order to complete the practical aspects of the course.
  • The workplace you select must provide you with the opportunity to use managerial skills to coordinate hospitality operations. You must be able to operate independently, have responsibility for others and make a range of operational business decisions.. Suitable workplaces include: resorts, motels, clubs & restaurants.
  • Assessment events for this course will require verification that you can perform tasks to the required standard by your workplace supervisor. Complete details of the requirements of the workplace are available in the Workplace Assessment Guide.
  • You will also need to video certain practical tasks so will need access to a digital video recording device and/or a digital camera and associated software to save and upload video and image files. Many mobile phones and smart phones include this technology. Please note completion of this course in 12 months is considered full-time participation.
Frequently Asked Questions
All Items
Generic FAQs
SIT50416 specific FAQs
Before gaining entry to a course, why do I need a Unique Student Identifier (USI)? How do I obtain one?
All students are required to have a USI, before their enrolment is confirmed. If you have not created your USI and are intending to study, you should create your free USI now. Get more information by visiting You will need to have proof of your identity to complete the process. Once you have a USI you will have a secure online record of your nationally recognised training which you can access anytime and anywhere. If you have any questions, or need assistance creating your USI, please contact TAFEnow by phone or chat.
I’m currently living overseas, is it okay for me to do this course?
No. Due to varying working environments across the world, we are currently only able to assess students who will reside in Australia for the duration of their studies.
At a minimum, what computer skills and software do I require for my course?

You don't have to be a computer whiz to succeed in online learning, but you should be comfortable typing, using the internet and email, chatting to your teachers or others online, reading course content online, using common software and performing other basic tasks.

Minimum specifications for your computer are:

  • Microsoft Windows XP, or later, or Mac OS X or above
  • Microsoft Office or equivalent
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Up-to-date internet browser

You may also need access to:

  • A printer/scanner to print and scan documents for uploading.
  • A smart phone/digital video to video practical tasks for some courses
How much time should I study this course for each week (on average) to complete in the required time?
You have up to 24 months to complete this course. This course will take around 15 hours a week of study and work placement based on 96 weeks of participation. If you have industry, experience and knowledge may find you complete more rapidly. As you are studying flexibly, this is a guide only and you should use your course study planner to plan your studies in more detail.
How will I contact TAFEnow if I’m having a problem? How long will it take to get a response?
If you are having trouble accessing your course resources or navigating the TAFEnow website after enrolling, you should contact one of our Customer Help Officers on 1300 823 366. They are available Monday to Thursday 8am to 8pm and 8am to 5pm on Fridays.
If your query is specific to a unit you are studying and requires a subject matter expert, you should contact your unit facilitator. Their contact details are located on every unit. You should make contact via email. If you require over the phone support and appointment can be requested.
What if I need a full-time course?
Completion in 24 months is considered full-time. On enrolment, please let our Customer Help team know that you need to study full-time. They will adjust the time frame of your enrolment to reflect a full-time study load and can then provide you with a Confirmation of Enrolment form for Centrelink.
Is there tutor support available after hours?
TAFEnow has teamed up with the national service YourTutor to offer students live online help with things like essay and report writing, study skills and referencing. You can make contact with a tutor from 3pm to 11pm Sunday to Friday, via your Moodle course page or drop off a writing file and receive feedback in less than 24 hours. Watch this short, informative video for more information.
This service is additional to the specific subject help that your unit facilitator can provide.
What sort of skills will I need?
There are no formal entry requirements, however, it is desirable that you have a reasonable level of industry experience or be currently working in hospitality. The course includes practical tasks so you will need to organise volunteer work or be in paid employment. The workplace you select must provide you with the opportunity to use managerial skills and coordinate hospitality operations. Suitable workplaces include resorts, motels, clubs & restaurants.
How will I access extra course resources or talk to a librarian?
If you want make contact with a TAFEnow librarian to access further course resources, go to Then type in your reference query. A librarian on chat will show you how to search the library catalogue and how to use our specialised subject guides to find extra information for assessments.
What will this course qualify me to do and what type of jobs will I be able to get? What is the future outlook like for jobs in this field?
Possible jobs include:
  • Banquet or function manager
  • Executive housekeeper
  • Front office manager
  • Gaming manager
  • Kitchen manager
  • Motel manager
  • Restaurant manager
Future job prospects for these roles are outlined here in the Australian Government’s Job Outlook.
How will I send in my assessment tasks?
Once you enrol you will work from the learning platform of our website. Your course information will tell you what assessment events you are required to and provide instructions on how to upload them so your assessor gets them. If you are asked to send video or audio evidence for an assessment you can upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or DropBox and just upload the URL to the course website so we know where to look.
On completion of this course, what is the pathway to further study?
After completing this qualification you can gain credit towards university studies in hotel management. Depending on which university you choose to study at, you may be able to gain credits from your TAFE studies.
What happens if I fail a unit or an assessment event? What is TAFEnow’s re-submission policy?
Your teacher/assessor will provide feedback on your assessment event and will let you know if you have met the requirements. If you have not met the requirements, you will have one extra attempt to resubmit your assessment and get it to the required standard to become competent in this unit. If you do not succeed in your second attempt a fee may be charged for an assessor to mark your third submission.
Is this course available through TAFEnow as a traineeship in NSW and other states?
No, this course is not suitable as a traineeship.
Can I transfer to a campus class if I struggle online?
Before considering a change it is best to discuss your options with TAFEnow’s Educational Support Officers who may be able to arrange additional support for your studies. If your course is available at an NC TAFE campus you may be able to transfer. Please contact the customer contact centre.
Is work placement a requirement of this course?
The requirement is approximately 200 hours over the length of the course.
If I do a course with TAFEnow, can I get an extension on my visa?
You must apply for a visa extension directly with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. TAFEnow can provide you with a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) once you’ve enrolled in a course as proof of your student status, but is unable to assist with your visa application.
Will I need to buy any text books or other equipment for this course?
No, all resources are online.
What qualifications or experience are recommended to meet the course’s entry requirements?
There are no formal entry requirements, however, it is desirable that you have a reasonable level of industry experience or be currently working in hospitality. The course includes practical tasks so you will need to organise volunteer work or be in paid employment. The workplace you select must provide you with the opportunity to use managerial skills and coordinate hospitality operations. Suitable workplaces include resorts, motels, clubs & restaurants.
Course Fees

Subsidised Student Fee VSL

More Information

This training is subsidised by the NSW Government and eligibility criteria apply.

This fee is the price you pay if you are completing your second qualification and meet eligibility criteria. The fee you pay may be lower or higher depending on your personal circumstances and eligibility for a subsidised place, a concession or an exemption. There may be limited government-subsidised places available.

If you do not gain a subsidised place, you may be able to enrol and pay the non-subsidised fee.
You may also be eligible for a VET Student Loan to assist with the cost of the course fee.

Contact us:

  • to find out if you are eligible for a subsidised place.
  • for a personal fee assessment.
  • to discuss payment options and loans available to you.
Course prices, charges, and study modes are subject to change without notice and may vary annually.


More Information

An exemption is where no course fee is charged to the student. For exemptions, the government-subsidises the total cost of the course fee for the qualification. There may be other additional costs, such as textbooks that you need to pay.

You may be eligible for an exemption from the course fee if you:

  • are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (through descent, self-identification or community identification).
  • meet the Smart and Skilled disability criteria, (proof of a disability support pension or documentary evidence from an appropriate medical professional is required).
  • are the recognised dependent of disability support pension recipient.
Contact us:
  • to find out if you are eligible for a course fee exemption.
  • for a personal fee assessment.
  • to discuss payment options and loans available to you for any additional costs.
Course prices, charges, and study modes are subject to change without notice and may vary annually.

Fee for Service

More Information

There are no fee exemptions, concessions or subsidies available for this price. You are required to contribute to the full cost of your course. Your tuition fee includes all essential study materials.
Extra study resources may be available to enhance your learning and will attract an additional charge.
You may also be eligible for a VET Student Loan for some Diploma and Advanced Diploma level courses.
Contact us:

  • for a personal fee assessment.
  • to discuss payment options and loans available to you.
Course prices, charges, and study modes are subject to change without notice and may vary annually.

QLD Higher Level Skills

More Information

Higher Level Skills subsidised funding:
To access HigherLevel Skills funding for this course you must be:

  • Queensland resident aged 15 years or over,

  • no longer at school and

  • an Australian or New Zealand citizen,

  • or Australian permanent resident (including humanitarian entrants),

  • or a temporary resident with the necessary visa and work permits on the pathway to permanent residency.

Prospective students must nothave or be enrolled in a certificate IV or higher-level qualification, notincluding qualifications completed at school and foundations skills training.
Forsome Higher Level Skills subsidised courses, the industry and training packagerequires you to be an existing worker in the industry to be eligible to enrol.These restrictions are detailed in the Queensland TrainingSubsidies List.

Your government subsidised fee, and your eligibility for concessions, exemptions and scholarships, are all calculated and confirmed during the enrolment process. The 2017 subsidised fees indicated on this page are indicative only and based on 2016 fees. The state government may make some small changes to fees and subsidies for 2017 enrolments and we will update our site if and when that happens.
Vet Student Loans Logo
VET student loans will not be approved for students who do not meet eligibility requirements. A VET student loan gives rise to a HELP debt that continues to be a debt due to the Commonwealth until it is repaid. For more information visit -
Is This Course Right For You?
Industry Insights

Tourism, Events and Aviation careers fall within various industries and are popular choices for many people. These areas have faced some challenges over the last five years with the financial crisis limiting the amount of international travellers coming to Australia.

However, record numbers of Aussies travelled overseas, contributing to growth in some occupations. For example in 2014, Tourism and Travel Advisers and Conference and Event Organisers made the top 10 Occupations list in the Administrative and Support Services industry.

Each career area and various roles within are set to grow nationally to 2019. Jobs in Airport Operations are projected to grow by 21.1%, Travel and Tour Arrangement Services by 4.8% and positions such as Conference Organisers by 23.9%.



Source: ‘Australian Jobs 2015 Report’ Australian Government – Department of Employment, ABS, IBISworld.

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Course Code: SIT50416
Course Duration: 24 months
Units: 28
Recognition: Nationally
Cost: $6,000
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