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R1 - Integrated Bookkeeping with Reckon One (Non-Accredited)

Integrated Bookkeeping with Reckon One (Non-Accredited)

Course description

Do you want to master Reckon One and be ready to operate in your business? This course will provide the right foundation with all the bookkeeping principles that you’ll need to run your business, including how to interpret the data you’re entering and making smart decisions based on your net position and cash flow.

Bookkeeping basics is explained in everyday English in conjunction with Reckon One, so you can apply it to all practical situations. Upon completion, you’ll be able to use Reckon One efficiently, take control of your finances and move forward with your business venture.

Units of study


Unit Name
Introduction and Legislation
Cash Accounting
Accrual Accounting
End of Period Reporting
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How will I contact TAFE Digital if I’m having a problem? How long will it take to get a response?
If you are having trouble accessing your course resources or navigating the TAFE Digital website after enrolling, you should contact one of our Customer Help Officers on 1300 823 366. They are available 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 9am to 4pm.
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All students are required to have a USI, before their enrolment is confirmed. If you have not created your USI and are intending to study, you should create your free USI now. Get more information by visiting You will need to have proof of your identity to complete the process. Once you have a USI you will have a secure online record of your nationally recognised training which you can access anytime and anywhere. If you have any questions, or need assistance creating your USI, please contact TAFE Digital by phone or chat.
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Course Reviews

At a glance

Course Code: R1
Course Duration: 6 months
Units: 4
Recognition: Non-Accredited
Cost: $500
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