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Consumer Protection & Complaints

Consumer protection, complaints and allegations

Your experience as a customer is important to us. As a TAFE Digital customer you are in the best position to tell us how we can improve our services. That’s why it’s important to tell us when we do something that you feel noticeably affects your experience with us. Whether it’s positive or negative feedback, we really do appreciate you letting us know because it helps us improve the way we work.

TAFE Digital is committed to consumer protection and ensuring it delivers services and training that meet the standards of the NSW Quality Framework. We welcome our responsibility to protect your interests as a consumer and provide this information to assist you in giving feedback or making a complaint.

Your feedback

We value your compliments, suggestions and complaints as they help us to address your concerns and to improve the quality of our service. The feedback you give can be about any aspect of the service provided or not provided; the behaviour or decisions of staff; or about workplace practices, policies or procedures.

If you have a problem or complaint it is a good idea to report it as soon as possible so that it doesn’t grow, unnecessarily, into a bigger problem. If you are providing feedback or lodging a complaint on behalf of a TAFE Digital student, under the Australian Privacy Act, you must be that person's authorised representative. Authorised representatives are usually defined at the time of enrolment and can include a parent, guardian or personal adviser. If there is a change in the person you authorise as your representative you need to let us know of this change.

Who to contact

For any suggestions you have for course improvements, your assessment tasks or learning content your course facilitator is the best person to talk to initially, however, depending on the situation you may prefer to contact the Head Teacher in charge of your course.

For any compliments, suggestions or complaints, please contact the TAFE Digital Improvements Officer contactable via our Customer Help centre on 1300 823 366, or you can lodge a comment in writing by using our compliments, suggestions or complaints form. Anonymous complaints can be only acted on in certain circumstances so it is better to provide your name a when you provide comments.

Consumer protection matters

If you prefer, you can talk to our Consumer Protection Officer who will be happy to discuss consumer problems with you. North Coast TAFE’s Consumer Protection Officer is the Manager, Executive Services. This person is available on (02) 6586 2221 or alternatively you can send an email providing details of your issue to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will try to solve the problem in consultation with you immediately, but if we can’t, we will make arrangements for you to speak to the person best placed to do so. Information is also available in the Smart and Skilled Consumer Protection Strategy, which is administered by State Training Services.

What to do if you’re not happy with the outcome of a complaint?

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint may wish to talk to North Coast TAFE’s Consumer Protection Officer, who will review the situation for you. If, after this, you feel you have not been treated fairly or that the result is unreasonable, you can contact an independent organisation, such as the NSW Ombudsman, to seek advice.

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